Dime Time – Coin Roll Hunting Dimes – Old Silver!

Dime Time – Coin Roll Hunting Dimes – Old Silver!


Dime Time – Coin Roll Hunting Dimes – Old Silver!

It’s Dime Time! Coin Roll Hunting Dimes looking for that silver!
It’s been a long time since I posted a Dime Hunting video… I do hunt them but the silver is far and few between! In this video, I find a few unexpected coins (both silver!) but not the ones you would have expected!

Sit back, relax and enjoy this hunt as we ended up with some sweet silver and NONE were Roosevelt Dimes! WOW!
PS – Did you notice my Coin Hunting Mat?

Thanks for watching!

How is your luck with Dimes?

Do you only silver hunt or do you also check for proofs, errors and low mints?

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What do you prefer to hunt? Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves?

What’s your best score from a box of Nickels? Which of the “Big Banks” do you think gives up the best boxes?

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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Thanks for watching!

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