Shopping with 66,000 Harmony coins. Trial of the Heavens Event | Hero Wars

Shopping with 66,000 Harmony coins. Trial of the Heavens Event | Hero Wars


Shopping with 66,000 Harmony coins. Trial of the Heavens Event | Hero Wars

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▼ I have been playing Hero Wars since June 2, 2020. I am a guildmaster in the guild “Gravity” on server 11 of the web/PC version. In this video channel, I will introduce events and show you videos of my guild’s activities.

There are three main platforms for Hero Wars: Web (PC), Facebook, and Mobile, and I play on the Web version.
Hero Wars Web version (PC version)

▼ Please feel free to download the excel file with the max value data of the heroes and the quiz measures from the following site.

Foreign language subtitles in this video are translated from Japanese to foreign languages using machine translation. The foreign language subtitles on the English audio channel are more accurate in translation, so if you would like a video with subtitles other than Japanese and English, please enjoy the English audio video at the link below.

▼The direct link to the English audio version of this video is at the following URL
You can watch the video with translated subtitles in 48 languages.
(English, Russian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Arabic, Hindi, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Persian, Polish, Malay, Bulgarian Greek, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Finnish, Slovak, Bengali, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Javanese, Norwegian, Urdu, Albanian, Armenian (Slovenian, Slovenian, Estonian, Bosnian, Belarusian, Hebrew, Myanmarese, Latvian)

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